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The Adjustment

Safe Effective Correction


Dr John Sutherland, The AdjustmentThe process of correcting subluxations is called an adjustment.  Chiropractic adjustments are not necessarily the same thing as manipulations (although some chiropractors may use that term).  Adjustments can range from the classic dynamic thrust through to very light forces and contacts, along with instrument and table-assisted delivery.


By applying a specific and precise force in the right direction and at the right time, changes in the position and motion of spinal bones can be made.  Over time this process helps correct abnormal structural and neural patterns.  Generally, the longer a subluxation pattern has been present, the longer it takes to fully correct.


The specific techniques chosen will depend on your age, condition and comfort levels.  NZCA chiropractors are highly trained professionals and have a range of techniques to suit individuals from newborn to the elderly.


Adjustments are extremely safe, and in the hands of a qualified chiropractor carry much less risk than pain medications, anti-inflammatory drugs, and many common daily activities.


(sourced from www.chiropractic.co.nz)

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