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Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)


Is a psychotherapeutic/chiropractic methodology used to normalize unresolved physical and behavioural patterns in the body. The technique, originally formulated by chiropractor Scott Walker in the early 1980s, combines applied kinesiology with emotions to test the "emotional reality" of the body. 80%-90% of chiropractors believe that emotions have a causal relation to physical pain in the body. NET is a methodology of locating and removing these Neuro Emotional Complexes.


In a randomized, double blind clinical trial of patients with a phobia, diagnosis using muscle testing and spinal manipulation (NET) was found to significantly reduce the emotional arousal of phobic subjects. When used to treat emotional trauma in a group of seven cancer patients, improvements of up to 88% were shown in symptom reduction. In an uncontrolled case series involving two patients, NET was shown to be effective in fertility issues by relieving stress related symptoms.


Further study was recommended. Another study found NET provided improvements in chronic neck pain sufferers over a sham protocol of NET. A placebo controlled, double blind randomised clinical trial is under way into the effectiveness of NET on children with medically diagnosed ADHD. The results of this trial are to be published at a later date


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