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Body Balance Review

For Dr John Sutherland, Christchurch Chiropractor


Body-Balance-Nicki-LoversidgeI had many years of suffering terrible pain in my neck, shoulders and lower back and wasn’t sleeping well. I wasn’t enjoying the things in life that I liked to do like gardening, dancing and playing with my children.


I had sought professional help on many occasions but had never received the correct treatment until I first came across John Sutherland at a Women’s Expo and thought I would see if he could help. After assessing where my pain was and testing my muscle strength John stated that my problem was treatable but it would take time to resolve.


I attended regular appointments where John would explain what needed to be done and performed treatment. He would always ask me about my lifestyle and what I found hard to do in everyday life. He introduced me to Applied Kinesiology to ensure my brain was sending my body the right messages to repair and rebuild and so that there were the necessary nutrients to ensure my body was in balance.


Over the course of treatment John would answer any questions I had and continued to advise, support and guide me. He helped me to realize that I would be able to enjoy a pain-free life and to be able to do the things that I enjoy doing.


I have come a long way since that first visit where I felt that nothing could be improved. Today I am able to enjoy life a lot more. I am taking dance classes and doing social dancing, gardening, sleeping well and feeling so much improved. I continue to see John for maintenance checks but less often. I know that I can always visit more often if things slip backwards.


I strongly recommend John Sutherland as a Chiropractor/Applied Kinesiologist as he has a relaxed approach to dealing with your needs. He is very easy to talk to and will explain your treatment so you will understand where you are heading.


Believe me when I say give John Sutherland a try. With regular visits you too can have a more enjoyable life.


Nicky Loversidge.

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